Panasonic HPX 370. Anyone use it yet?


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Good image, but!

Nice lighter camera. We just started using them about 2 months ago. Nice image, good quality controls. Just a good basic camera. The weakness in this camera is the viewfinder. TINY! Forget about shooting anything off axis from the viewfinder. Want to hold the camera low and track? You won't be able to view the viewfinder! I wear glasses. Unless I cram my glasses directly into the eyecup. I can't see anything. You can't see anything unless your eye is directly lined up with the viewfinder. This viewfinder in HORRIBLE! They even made it so you can't swap an old viewfinder from another Panny. Also, I'm not a fan of the RCA audio outputs. Now we need another adapter cable to get the audio from the camera. Give me back my 5pin.
Everything else is good, but it'll take some getting used to from any other ENG camera. The "filter wheel" is just an ND wheel now. No 1-3200, 2-5600 1/4, 3-5600 & 4-5600 1/16.
The portabrace cases we bought also limit the LCD screen, but that's not a real issue......just an annoyance.


toy EVF

I have to agree with you regarding the EVF on the HPX-370... critical focus is incredibly difficult.
Working daily ENG with this camera is a challenge; achieving a proper back-focus in the field is nearly impossible, virtually a gamble.
Why did Panasonic hard-wire this viewfinder into the camera? (and without an option to upgrade?)

The actual LCD within the viewfinder is smaller than a dime...

it's like a toy EVF disguised in a pro camera shell.
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I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there in b-roll land designs some sort of adapter that he/she can sell to 370 owners that allows them to mount a real viewfinder on the camera by splicing in this adapter to existing wiring. I know there is someone out there that can do it.

BTW, this viewfinder looks exactly like the one on the Sony HVR-HD1000U & HVR-S270U. Pretty much your only option shooting with those two cams is using the pop-up LCD above the viewfinder.


I have a HPX 370. In the menu you can crank up the viewfinder detail quite a bit. It also has a focus assist function (but not while recording).