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I am one of a few people that don't mind working the overnight shift. I have been doing it since 2005. There are times when its dead. though. I am just looking for some ideas on trying to do some possible photo essays or something during these hours of the night.



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Chuck in my past as a full time staffer i worked the overnight shift as well in the start of working at a station. Now as a stringer i work the overnight as well. In my city overnight is when most of the construction work goes on, or street sweepers, as well the billboard changers. Might be able to get some point of view pieces on those types of things. AM producers are usually looking for and more open to different stories for the show.

Also maybe a piece on the homeless. I have been trying to catch up with a guy and his wife who go out at night and pass out gift cetificates to Burger King and such to the homeless sleeping on the streets. There are tons of things on overnight that can be done in point of view pieces that would be interesting and different. Plus with overnight while listening to scanners, you have more free time to work the piece.


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Don't forget about the sunrise! I try to find different places to shoot the sunrise from. It's also given me the chance to find some cool places in the city. My station always likes to run weather stuff when it looks pretty!


Overnights are tough when they are slow. At least in the city I'm in there's enough "breaking" news to go around. and there isn't a ton of feature stuff to shoot. Truth be told, as much as I hate sitting and doing nothing, I'd rather do that than go somewhere to shoot a feature piece and be out of position for a breaker.

Terry E. Toller

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I am presently working on a series I will call "Night Shift". I am showing people who work the overnight shift like, donut makers, cops, firefighters, gas station clerks and the like. some of the people are actually pretty interesting...


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I've always wanted to do a story on working the overnight shift at White Castle and see what comes through the Drive-Thru.