NOT having a media pass


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Okay, so I am a freelancer, I was in an accident couple of years ago, gave cop my I.D. AND media badge, media badge was Tarrant County Sheriffs Dept. EXPIRED one, he never gave it back to me, just gave me back my I.D.

Called Tarrant County sheriffs Dept. now they PIO says freelancers don't need a media pass.

But, sometimes I get stopped and asked for credentials, also when flying, I want to fly as media to avoid overweight baggage fees, but I don't have a pass to flash.

Any solutions to this problem?



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I won't get into the whole "media pass" in public thing, BUT do you really want to use the media rate when flying? When the airline I fly still had one, they would not cover ANYTHING checked under the media rate. Your best bet for shipping gear is FedEx or UPS Ground. Dirt cheap and most places I fly to, it's about two days transit. Of course, that only works if you have the days to spare and extra gear.

Another viable option: Fly first class. Most of the time it seems like the fare difference is only $150-$200 and on American you get three bags up to 75lbs each. The baggage overages will overshadow the fare difference most of the time. My bag was six pounds over a few weeks ago on the flight out(56lbs) and it was $100. A few bucks more and the company could have purchased a first class ticket both ways.

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Depends on the airline AND what agent you get. Delta "requires" a company issued ID, however at some stations, a business card works. That's the main airline I fly, and they have a policy of allowing media bags at $50/bag, however if you are flying alone, they will usually only allow 4 media plus your 2 checked for a total of 6. There is a way around it in the system, but few agents know it.
Best bet is to ship ahead if possible, or my preference, rent at the location. If that's not possible, then just pay the fees, and bill the client. If you're eating the bag fees, you're doing it wrong.