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What do you have? What would you like? Give me your top 5 real world news units.


news units

I work in Atlanta for the CBS station. We have switched to the new dodge caravans. I never thought I would like them after always using suv's but the storage and the ride are great. We have the stow and go seating option in all of them which is nice for space. We all have camera vaults and most have some sort of shelf system in the rear as well. If you are in a climate where snow and terrain is an issue I would say go the SUV route, but for what we do in Atlanta they are hard to beat for the money, don't get me wrong I would trade out for a suburban or and expedition but I carry to much gear for anything smaller. Overall most of the guys seem to like them. We still have a few durango's floating around but most are caravans, prob around 20 or so in the fleet.


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Having used minivans of various makes as my personal crew car for years, they are much more practical than SUV's. And, having done local and net news in Chicago ( snows here) for many years with company-issued SUV's, the times I have used four-wheel-drive


Here in Seattle many of the stations use Explorers, I do use 4x4 to not have to chain up in the mountains. My station is switching to Escapes, but I haul a bunch of stuff just in case I need it, so I like the bigger truck. Wish we could get the 4x4 live trucks, but they won't fit in our garage with the extra height, and they get pretty tippy that tall.