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Hey Everyone,

Excited to find this website / forum. I'm a professional videographer with years of experience shooting entertainment and red carpet events but getting into the stringer business. I own a SONY NX5U and already have one of the local stations interested in buying stringer footage from me.

Being new to the stringer side of things I'm hoping someone on here can help give me a little more info so I have more of an idea how to go about things with this station.

When finished shooting footage is it best to upload the footage and email the link to the news director or what is the best / quickest way to notify the station and get in touch with the news director?

I know stringing is an overnight job so is it best to get cell numbers for the news director and let them know when you have a video? When submitting video do you mention price or when should price and terms be mentioned?

Any info, tips and advice would be much appreciated!! Also, is it best to sit home and listen to the scanner for the money calls or is it better to sit in the car at a local Denny's and wait for the call?



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The stringer market has been dying with the exception of the larger markets (which I'm not as familiar with). First advice would be to contact the PIOs with local law enforcement and fire and introduce yourself. Get to know the rules of the road locally. Contacting stations also is good - and settle beforehand rates and rights so you know what you will get and what you are selling. But get the number of the assignment desk and find out what hours it is manned.

In my market if you're on the list the FD will call YOU...but this is uncommon. So the scanner is your best friend. And with new technology you may not be able to use it as effectively as in the past...the channels may be locked to the public.

I've heard of stringers posting low rez water-marked clips to youtube as one way to get the word out or show what they've got...that might work for you if the market is far flung.

Good luck with it.