News Consultants Documentary


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What sets these consultants apart from the consultants of today, MR as an example, is what the guy says beginning at 2:46

"The first area you work on in any newscast is just gut journalism. Once you have the guts and feel comfortable with it, then you say ok we worry about the window dressing so it looks nice. I mean there's a difference between putting a package under the Christmas tree wrapped in brown paper and putting Christmas tree wrapping on it. So we worry about the window dressing but the guts have got to be there or people won't come back."

Consultants and news managers today should take notice of this. What this guy is saying you must do is exactly the OPPOSITE of where news has gone today.


What I find kind of sad is…. that was from 1983, the many markets I’ve visited and including the one I work in are still using the same formula. Color theme, anchors speaking faster , to give sense of urgency, series of reports, aka (team coverage) live shot showing nothing, aka (dog lick) split screen, aka (two box). All the clip tells me is that news HASN’T changed in 26 years. The best part is at 5:19, “there is no fixed formula for television news, it’s something that is constantly evolving, ever changing, and it’s come a long long way sense the early days of man bites dog stories.” REALLY???? I do agree with the “gut journalism” part, but I didn’t see it in the clip, and I don’t see it in today’s story telling.
Just my opinion.

Brock Samson

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That lady has Hella big hair. And when I say hella, I mean HELLA!

But on a more serious note: does it seem that the decline from journalism to tabloid story count run and gun crapfest has actually decelerated in the last couple of years....or is it just me?