Need some recommendations.....


I need to find a small, fairly inexpensive, great in low light camera that I can mount where it won't be seen. Need it for an investigative piece where we're hoping to catch someone in the act at night. It will be outside. Needs to be something that I can wedge in a tree or hide in a bush or something. Audio isn't an issue here since recording audio without permission is against the law here.

I'm not exactly sure of what my budget will be just yet. I was just told to research it and go to the news director with what I find. They probably won't go for anything that's in the thousands of dollars. I'd say MAYBE $1000 would be the max, but that's me being optimistic.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to post this in the general thread too.


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You best bet may be surveillance cameras. They are now up to 1080p and available with all kinds of night vision, infra red, and even upgradeable glass and audio. At a grand you can probably get a pretty nice set up. Some are also wireless. You may be better off getting a multi cam system which gives you backups or multiple angles.