Need a Critique Please!


Some things that I noticed were at :16 when you took the tight of kennedy's face it was shaky, take your hands off the camera and step away then give it a second to settle. Next at :22 with the shot of photographer and reporter looking at the photo it seemed to be dark take off the auto iris (if you have it on) and keep an eye on it, although I realize that if your using a smaller camera they tend to be slower and capture less light. Last was at 1:13 for the interview it would have been nice if you did a slow zoom from medium to tight on the face, it could have really brought out the emotion. At least change up your framing occasionally to add variety. Beside those, good job. Overall I liked it alot these were just things that distracted me.


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Good basic shooting - and not bad for just four months on the job. The good: overall consistent exposure, focus, framing. There is no bad bad. But as optic pointed out, a couple of minor problems. The shaking is barely noticeable, as is the somewhat dark exposure.
The flow of the story is really didn't have much to work with...and covered the basics with the two shots, shots of him with newspaper, his camera.
Could you have asked the photographer for photos of himself at that time, when he was younger? Plus other shots he took that day. Sometimes you really need to stretch for be able to find shots to tell the story.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for viewing and giving me some good feedback! I was an editor for a year and a half after college. I shot every once in a while, but this is my first time shooting and turning packages everyday. I really appreciate all the tips:D!

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Okay...the reason its somewhat hard to critique this piece completely is because you only had very limited b-roll....the Zapruder film and the foto he took 30 secs before the not much of a real insight to your shooting ability. Sorry for the harhness...but the interview placement...framing....were just were probably better off just shooting it as a tight and we'd never be the wiser...why not start to expand your photog eye and develop a better idea of how to get more stimulating interviews...if the interview placement itself is interesting then I might be more inclined as a viewer to pay attention...but all I saw was a animal gate a horrible patterned couch and a blue blanket...these things I should not be paying attention you get what I mean? Pay attention to all aspects of detail so you can get better looking could have propped up the foto in the foreground for a soundbite or two...emotional soundbites are better on a tight shot or med-tight to really see the emotion in their aware of that question that could start the waterworks. It seems this interview is light...but had you turned off the house lights perhaps it might have taken away some of the harshness of all that I saw...control your environment in the interview...turn off, turn on lights that give you the best looking situation. This will come in just look for these oppurtunities and think of the possibilities.

A tiny break of the axis during your camera sequence...around the 1:00 careful of that...shoot it all from the same side...if you have to shoot it from the other side again as well but don't combine the two....ask or learn what breaking the axis is if you don't understand...have someone show you in your shop show you what I mean.

So again this isn't a true critique of your ability as a shooter/editor because there is/was so little of actual the shaking...and also watch the reflection in the glass when shooting photos in the frames...keep posting and get regular're only starting hopefully a fun-filled journey.