Hey guys I need some honest feedback. I am a NPPA photographer turned MMJ reporter. I shoot, write, edit, then go live to front my packages. I've been shooting for 5 years and reporting 3 of those 5 years.

I've thrown together some stand ups and 2 pkgs I've shot in the last year. I feel like I've hit a plateau and I'm just doing the same thing everyday. I just want to continue improving upon what I do.

Can you guys take a look at my tape and offer and feedback, positive or negative, about my reporting/voicing/photography/editing/or presenting?

Reel found here:


on youtube here:




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There's certainly no problem with your shooting style. Your visuals and pace are strong.
You show you have creativity in your standups. I especially like the high shot from the street sign. The three clones on the phones---not so much. Maybe it's because Joe Little did it in his 2008 demo and it was much better.

If you're looking to change something, try the Bob Dotson approach to writing. Beyond the 5Ws and H is "Hey" (the attention getter) "You" (make it personal) "See" (tell the story) "So" (what does it mean to the viewer).