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I'm looking to move back home, currently I'm in Nashville, saw a job openning at the FOX-KMSP; friends in town say it's really starting to turn heads. Whats going on there and what's it like to work there? I know the market is really volitole right now; KSTP layoff and WCCO layoffs. How dose it stack up to the others?


Mlps is a great market. And yeah things are kinda crazy when it comes to new management, layoffs, and switching approach on coverage; don't let that discourage you.
Although there are alot that are letting it bother them.

As for your question, I do believe KMSP has an openning; check the website or there hrdept. The station has alot of heads turning right now. They were number one 2 this last week and are beating KSTP in Demos things are really getting interesting.

They just hired a great CP over there, Mat Kniscley(SP), I met him a few times with NPPA and he is a tremendous guy with a great heart and passion for the business. I would guess hiring him is saying something that photography over there is going to be taken seriously. I have notice slight improvements of quality. They did the right thing when they got him and got rid of the other guy.

As for the enviroment, I hear they are understaffed when it comes to editors, reporters, and producers. I cannot say anything on the environment; most of the guys I run into like it and say it's come along way and getting better by the day.

Over where I work things are alittle dicey and would really catch alot of people off guard. Things are changing in this market and it could be for the good.

I would tell you to stay away from WCCO and News12, but thats it. KSTP, KARE and KMSP are good stations great talent at every single one of them. Out of all those three I would say KARE and KMSP are the stable ones and KMSP is really coming into it's own. It may take a year for them to really do some damage, but they are for sure the new flavor in town.

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thanks for the kind words <-g> and as for the original poster; yes we do have an opening. we are in the building stages, but kmsp has a lot of great talent infront and behind the camera. we stress the basics on a daily basis: steady sequenced video, compelling and meaningful natural sound, and most of all positive attitude. if you have any questions just shoot me an e-mail.



I'm proud to see that Matt K. made it to Minneapolis! He was one of the photogs I looked up to when he worked in Tulsa. Keep up the good work Matt

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