MEPS "Under The Hood" Generators - Feedback Please


If anybody operates a mini sprinter DSNG (or ENG) using a MEPS "under the hood" type generator rather than a stand alone generator, could you please reply with some of your experiences with it?

Are they reliable? Do they need much maintenance? Do you wish you had a stand alone generator?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can share...



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We have a sprinter, we didn't have a genny. Tons of engine problems, now not covered by warranty (unauthorized modification). Th e sprinter now has a genny.

To save the price of a generator, we spent probably 10x that amount in repairs, and then opted to put the generator in. I know we had turbo issues, tranny issues besides the engine issues.


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I've been using one of their engine-mount generators for 5 years now in my Suburban SNG truck and it has been extremely reliable. We specialize in network news and sports and this truck has been all over the country doing reliable work on a daily basis, with the MEPS generator as the heart of the system. Customer service is great, as well.