Marshall Rack Mounted LCD Screens


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Ok, so has anyone else noticed that color on the 7" models (usually two side by side) display a picture that seems to have oversaturated color? The smaller models seem more accurate - but even if you set up the bigger screens correctly through the menus, the colors seem hot.

Are you noticing this too? Or is it just me?


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I don't own any, but a friend has two 7"(?) Marshall HD monitors and they are useless except for screening tape. Off-axis viewing is HORRIBLE, they moire and they "pulse". They are cheap and in the world of TV equipment, you get what you pay for. I've also worked out of a sat truck that has replaced all the monitors with LCD's that are Marshall. I guess the 'scopes are the only way for the truck op to really know whats going up and coming back because I wouldn't watch a DVD in the backseat of a car with one.