Looking to buy an external monitor


I'm trying to find out an external monitor to purchase for my (probably smallest camera on this forum sigh..... Sony CX760V)

The models I have seen are

Manhattan (these monitors are huge 9" but require a special $132 battery and of course we need 2 right

However, you hear different things from different people. Someone might say Ikan are good, when the next poster says he paid 900 for his and it's junk sitting there.

I'm a noob who likes shooting whatever happens to be there at the time, but my ultimate goal is to log a group of interviews of interesting people.

As it usually is from my understanding when you are starting out, money is tight, and I did the best I could with my items, but others seem to tell me how crappy they ar.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. The only way I can get the monitor to the camcorder is through HDMI. I've found some that say they provide HDMI in and some which have HDMI out, not sure which one I need as I can see taking HDMI into the monitor from the camera, and I can also see taking it out from the monitor to the camcorder.

Thanks for all your help.