Local church preaches forgivness


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I haven't posted a story in a long time. So I thought I would share a story I shot on Sunday. A Suv crashed into a church early Friday morning causing a lot of damage. Sunday was their first service since the crash. I shot it as an anchor pkg. theirs lots of nat sound and the writing is awesome. Told the anchor have fun with this story. Plus my shift ended at 2:45, I got approval to stay late to edit the story. I wanted to make sure I edited this. Hope you enjoy!


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I'm going to be critical here. I personally did not like the first tight shot in the pkg. I would've like to see a slow push or backlit cross, something like that.

The first interview with the church member is really out of focus. to me it looks like the tapestry behind him is what is in focus.

The music seems to cut out abruptly to people sitting in dead silence. Try to fade it out longer.

To me for a piece like this, the shots need to be slower. There were quick cuts, which I'm usually a fan of, however to me this was not the place for them.

Did you not have video of the accident? It doesn't be need to be used throughout. But a track's worth would've helped in my opinion.

Good luck, keeping working hard and trying news things, some will work some won't but don't stop learning new things. And thanks for sharing!

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Okay...so overall, not that bad. But I can tell from anchors/reporters that aren't on scene when news gathering...there is a loss of connection. And it comes off too much like hard news when this story could have been better served as a news piece but with a softer side/edge to it. You got a bit tight shot and medium shot happy on this one. Need more variety when it comes to shot composition. You also could have been better served trying to find shots that showed the contrast between what happened on friday (crash) to what is happening sunday (service)...shot thru the crowd as they pray and show destruction in the background or minister talking up front and showing the boarded up wall in the background. Those kinds of shots help comparing the two events that also helps with greater impact. Your back focus did look off...so be mindful of that. I would also would've tried better story structure by hopefully being there literally from start (parishioners showing up or minister gettting church ready) to the end. Maybe it was the people's first time seeing the damage...how did it affect them seeing it...those quick "Oh my" or "Look at that" reaction would have helped build a better intro to get into the story.