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Litepanels Sola 6 vs. Astra

Hi all,

I am currently using the following setup for live shots:

Dracast 1x1 single color LED panels
1 200w Bron "Reporter Light" HMI

I was looking at a used 400w Kobold HMI that a friend had for sale, for $1,700. I am kicking myself for not jumping on it, now they are going used on Ebay for $4,500.

However, I am looking at an LED option to add to my live shot kit. Looking at the Litepanels Sola 6 LED fresnel. How would this do along side my 200w HMI? I am thinking it could provide enough punch with this combo to pull of shots in afternoon sun, provided I use a scrim and maybe a net behind the talent.

I looked at the Nila lights, and the Frezzi LED's but they are a little out of my price range at the moment.

Any feedback on the Sola 6 outdoors? Also, I am reading on Litepanels website that the Astra is equivalent to a 575 watt HMI, and the Sola 6 is much weaker, equivalent to a 200watt HMI. Is this true??

I am also considering renting a 400W HMI as needed for now
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Always take manufacture quotes with a grain of salt. I have two Astra's and I love them and they do have some kick, but I don't think they're equivalent to a 575 watt HMI. Maybe if it is a fresnel that's flooded and diffused... and I'm sure they don't specify the distance either.

I hate to make you feel worse, but you should have jumped all over that 400 Kobold HMI for that price. Hell of a deal on a great little light.

My two cents on netting in the background on LS's: Don't do it. It looks like crap. It kills the contrast of your background. I used to do it all the time in SD, especially when I only had a single 400 HMI, but I haven't used a net in the background since before I went HD.


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Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I will have to rent for now. Only drawback is if it is a breaking story or last minute call, it could be a problem getting a rental after hours.