Less than a month until Video Storytelling with the Pros

Steve Sweitzer

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Video Storytelling with the Pros
Lighting, Writing and Surviving

Join an all-star faculty on October 15, 2011 for an exciting day of presentations. Best of all, you don’t have to leave home to participate and it’s available On Line if you’re busy the 15th. All presentations are video taped and registration allows you to view them whenever you choose.
Darren Durlach — The Secrets to Natural Sound Stories: The tricks to letting people tell their own stories without narration.
Boyd Huppert - What’s my line?: Five killer writing tools every visual storyteller should master.
Adam Vance - To Light or Not To Light: Good lighting on a not so good budget.

Michelle Michael Solo Standups that Stand Out: You don’t have to sacrifice standups just because you’re working alone; standups are how your audience gets to know you.

Join us online or at The Poynter Institute for this one-day video workshop.
Register at http://www.newsu.org/video-workshop-with-pros.

This workshop is a cooperative effort between the NPPF, Poynter’s NewU and the NPPA