Iowa photog in critical condition


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Heard from friends at KCCI in Des Moines that one of their photogs has been in a serious accident on the way into work.

Was ejected from the vehicle and has serious injuries to the head and torso.

I'm gonna withhold the name until its 100% confirmed who it is.

Sounds like they'll live, but they're in bad shape, in surgery as I write this.

They were ejected because they weren't wearing a seatbelt.

How many wrecks does it take, guys?

How many fatal accidents do you need to cover before we all buckle up? How many friends have to be in disfiguring accidents before we buckle up?

i'm sick of friends getting hurt. just put on your f#cking seatbelt.
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Photog injured is Chris Mackey from KCCI.

He was on the interstate on the way to work for his nightside shift when he lost control. Family says he can only remember the car spinning in circles, and after that, he woke up face-down in the snow.

He has a fractured skull, broken nose and cheek bones, and serious road rash. Doctors put a plate in his skull, but now his brain may be swelling, so more operations are likely.

He's one of the nicest, most genuine guys I've ever met. Can only pray he makes a full recovery.


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I just visited with Chris with a couple of other guys from our place. He's doing ok, considering what he's been through.

His Mom said he's moving to a regular room Sunday afternoon. I know he's already bored with being stuck in a bed all day. We're hoping, like everyone else, that he continues to make progress.

Frank McBride

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The explorer I drive will drive you insane with dings until you buckle up, even for the passenger. I don't know how you go without even if you want to.

That's great that he apparently is going to be okay. An event like that would have to change your whole outlook.



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I'm glad to hear that he is doing ok.

as my Mom once told me "make new mistakes," so I'll second woodsiecam in saying 'be safe guys.' it is aweful when bad things happen, but lets learn from our own & other's mistakes

if a doctor is late to the ER, people can die
if we are late to the newsroom, our pack becomes a VO (aka something not worth risking your life over)