I'm new here. I'm going to post my demo reel

Hello guys,

Critique away! Let me have it lol. I've been registered here for awhile but I'm really just now getting around to posting here. I've been a video editor for 10 years and I've been on my current job for almost 3 years as a photographer. Some of the stuff is way old. I just added a couple recent elements to the tape. Thank you for looking!

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Corey...please don't take any of this the wrong way only because you have good but the presentation is lacking. I tend to watch every frame because I really like to give a thorough assesment...however I tend to also go back and re-do watching it for the first time but from the eyes of a chief...and as someone who has helped with input by viewing resume tapes I'd say there's some work that needs to be done to help showcase your talent. I'll start by saying that I can tell you have some skill...good, solid shooting skills....but what I'm most intrigued about is why I don't see any really good/great stories that should wow me into wanting to hire you. If you want to showcase a live shot then include it as part of the story we're about to see...so everything has to, needs to be good/great to get that designation. Resume tapes do so much more than showing you can shoot and edit...they need to show creativity, working under deadline, showing you can be johnny on the spot with recognizing an important action so story selection is vital. You need good stuff that showcases these skills, your skills to someone who might be looking to hire you. Chiefs will watch the begining of each story and they'll be looking to be drawn in...so you need good stuff to do or they start shuffling thru to find something compelling stop...back it up...watch for a bit...back to shuffling to next story to do it all over again. Unless you got something that can draw them in from begining to end you're taking a risk by using these stories cuz I don't see whats so special about them....they are typical of your skill at the level you are at. Sure it shows me you can do your job but I need to see the other attributes you have that clearly set you apart from all the other resume reels and photographers looking for job. If you don't have those stories right now then work on getting them. The very first live shot seemed liked a breaking news type sitation...where's the story? That seemed like a great breaking news oppurtunity but I didn't see it. Recognize oppurtunities when they present themselves in the field to capture and/or tell a good story/moment. If you don't do that then start working on that now and develop that. Remember you have skill I just really need to see it thru story selection. Show me how you work under pressure...show me creativity with great composition, editing, or standups...etc. Not sure what you're looking to jump to or from but if you wanna really stand out then I think you need a better tape.
Thanks for looking at my tape! Yes, I kind of figured that someone would say that about the presentation and whatnot. I marrying to seize those opportunities to get something else. I'm in a shop where everybody has a camera, we are all one man bands pretty much. With the gas leak breaking news...that is the story. That reporter and I were actually live at another story around the corner then they called us to send us there, nightside picked it up and turned a pkg for 11. I am always looking for chances to shoot Nat packs and to try and do something different whenever I'm doing a liveshot. We don't get a lot of opportunities to do your normal reporter/photog tag team story. I will look into doing what I can to make the tape better. Thanks!