I sold an anecdote to Reader's Digest


A few years ago I sold an anecdote to Reader's Digest for the "All In A Day's Work" section. They paid me $400 USD for it and it was published.

Soon after getting mobile on my early morning shift I heard of a bad accident on the outskirts of the city, so I headed to it and I arrived just ahead of a shooter from a competing station.

A cop standing near where I stopped alerted the police down in the ditch "Be aware that the Mike Echo Delta India Alpha has arrived."

After I got my gear out of the car I walked up to him and said "You'd probably be surprised to know that some of us guys in the Mike Echo Delta India Alpha can Sierra Pappa Echo Lima Lima."

He grinned.


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Hahah.. normally we just hear "could you expand the crime scene..." Or while we're rolling we see a cop walking up to us with yellow in their hand.


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I was in the same situation. I was st a car ax where the driver was ejected but they couldn;t find him. All of a sudden, cops start taking off hauling ass to a nearby hotel where the suspect limped into the lobby, bleeding.

As I get in my car, a cop gets behind me and says, "Units 1022, 1023 be advised that the medi...uh..the 10-41 is following you"

I stuck my hand out the window and waved back at him.

He flashed his headlights at me..