How do you get IFB with your LiveU?


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How do you get IFB into your LiveU?

My guess is a completely different setup, apart from the unit, just a cell phone with an 1/8 inch stereo audio headphone extension cable with an earpiece plugged into the end?

I also have the following to boost signal to possibly do a wireless IFB:

Sounddevices Mix-Pre D
Sennheiser G3 transmitter, Sennheiser IEM recievers with headphone volumes. (basically Sennheiser's version of Comteks)



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TVU: cell phone, (sometimes)booster box, earpiece. And actually most of the time it's better(cleaner) than going through a satellite truck.


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I've got a Comtek transmitter with 5 receivers that gives a lot of flexibility. You can take your phone's minijack out and plug it into the transmitter and get enough out of it for all but the loudest situations. If you don't mind spending more money you can get a Lectrosonics set, but personally I don't think it's worth the added cost for cell IFB.