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Latin Lens

Well-known member did pretty well with this one. I liked your use of the photographs in the fence thing...very creative there and a good use of a good idea. But I have to say that this was very slooooooowwwww, which in itself is not bad but I think because you had an oppurtunity to show a busy, popular local resturant in action, the lack of that action in the story made it feel slower than it should. I think you needed to capture the staff in, prepping, making, taking more orders...all that really woulda made this pop because you woulda had more to work with as far as nats and shots go. It was too quiet for my needs to be injected with nat sound to help. And it doesn't have to be nat pops to make an impact...but sound under track really helps too. Not to be too harsh, **YAWN**, stand was that "walk to nowhere" type thing and I think you coulda done a better one with all that's around you. Maybe its a multi-part stand up...reporter is the order taker and a person ordering and you coulda came up with something crafty to say as it cut back and forth. Find ways to make use of your surroundings for something with a little more "UMPF" in it. Remember if we are at a popular resturant...then we'd expect to see a popular resturant in action.