Heroin Epidemic


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Wow no one has posted here in a while so here's a new one...This is a basic everyday, day turn...more like an hour and a half to shoot and a 35 min edit. Its all generic video and some heroin file. I tried to keep it moving with natural wipes and a few quick cuts and ants. Let me know what you think.


Latin Lens

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That was pretty cool. I think the speed of editing and the natural wipes really helped. I think you had too many feet shots though. Some macro focus to show maybe a group of young people walking are some shots to look for so its not all feet walking. I am starting to get picky on official interviews. I know you don't have much to choose from but I think had you shot that interview a little tight it could have hid that janky poles and and room a little better. But great job and good approach.