formats: freelance in asia



I have a gear question. Not so long ago I moved to Cambodia, and started doing some television pieces after starting in web video. I've been using a Panasonic DVC30 NTSC, and now need a PAL camera. I managed to file something to AFP, but there were some conversion issues. Right now, AFP is 4:3, but it's expected they will move to 16:9 soon.

When I talked to my editor, she basically said that in all likelihood I will never file HDV from here because the net connections are horribly slow. So, my concern is, I was looking at the HMC150, which is only 16:9. Could I be limiting myself too with just that? I expect to base myself here in-country and regionally. I can imagine filing compressed video, so HDV or AVCHD is less an issue than clients who may want 4:3, local clients or from wherever. I've never down-converted before, so I don't know if this is too much of a pain when I just need to edit quickly.

Think I could do with down converting when needed, or is there another camera you'd suggest?