Fire Police


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Having never even heard of the fire police (there's no such thing in Florida), I was stunned the first time I had to deal w/ 'em here in PA. I wondered who these "wanna be" cops are. I haven't had any bad experiences with 'em. If you play "the game" right, you can get your shots with little fanfare. Thankfully, when dealing w/ fires in the city of Philly, I get to deal w/ Philly cops who are cool. Even the Philly firefighters are great, allowing access close up.


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yeah, in the bigger cities, the officials have learned that the fastest way to get what they want (i.e. getting rid of us) is to get us the good video fast. i think in the smaller areas, since they dont have the experience, they don't know how to handle the media. in those cases, just feed their egos until they let you closer.


I am also in PA and for the most parts the fire police here are ok. I know most of them because I am also a volunteer firefighter so that helps with gaining access. There are the times that you run into a fire cop who is on a power trip, I even had one instance that I was not allowed up until after the fire was out, and the hoses where wrapped up with trucks leaving. I find that knowing a back way is good, also knowing the law if you see someone closer I always like to point it out. Either I get in or they get kicked out either way I am not getting scooped. I always have a scanner so when going to a scene I already know what is and what is not closed, it also helps when the fire police tell you they are going to call and they do not, that way if you do not hear them call I would usually tell them about it. For the most part though they are not a problem some will even wave me in right behind the trucks.