Finding your voice


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Great Article. I have been really lucky to watch so many people find their voice. Sometimes it's a eureka moment, sometimes just growth. It's after a lot of heavy lifting, tonnage.

Just because you don't write it, or track it, doesn't mean you can't be heard in storytelling. TV is a visual art. It's voice assaults two senses. Hence it's power.

I heard the "This American Life" segment on voice that was mentioned loosly in the article. It was really good. There was also one on The show with Krulwich(sp?) either would be more useful listening to anyone in college than 90 percent of the curricula.

A former boss used to pay for susbscriptions to magazines. You just had to bring them to the newsroom when done. He asked questions about what you had found at editorial meetings. We all read, and clipped and talked about **** that simply wouldn't have come up otherwise. The more voices you hear the more likely you are to find you own. And really, after a while, if it sounds good to you it's probably good enough. Everybody's a critic, and there's always room to improve!

Everyone loves a good story.