FCP Timeline Expand


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This is gonna be a little confusing to describe, so bear with me.
I like to see the entire timeline most of the time when I'm editing. When I add a clip though, the timeline zooms in a bit, and I end up hitting shift z constantly to zoom out all the way. Is there a way to lock the timeline zoom so it stays all the way zoomed out?


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There's a little scrubber bar in the lower left of the time line. That controls the zoom in/out features. You might have to set it back a bit when you lay your first video, but after that it should stay at same level.

Try that and see if it works.


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How about just putting a clip of black a few minutes past where you think the end of the project will be when you start and work your way to it? Maybe the timeline will stay wide for you since there is a piece of video at the end...