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Little NATPKG I did a few weeks ago. It was one of those... "Can you shoot this quick VOSOT before you go to another VOSOT and do such and such live shot all in the matter of 2 hours" ordeal. It ran as a VOSOT in the 10pm but I thought it had some good elements to turn it to a 1 min NATPKG for the morning show.

My only down fall to this piece is the one interview. I also think I should of set it up better to really explain what was going on. Overall I thought it turned out well for being there under 30 minutes with almost half the time wasted waiting for interview.



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Very well done. As a one stop shopping story it was really nice. The nats and pace worked really well, like a familiar chat in the bleachers. There are a few people I'd like to show it to if that's okay. The interview wasn't earth shattering but because of his tenor and tempo the time spent waiting wasn't wasted :)

Very Nice


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Okay...so after reading your post I was expecting far less than what you showed. So kudos on really putting together a nice piece from just a vosot. However the only truly glaring missing piece is just more lacrosse action...whether it was tights of the action (running by, pushing, whatever) or just a few more wides from different angles or viewpoints (maybe crowd/heads in the foreground action in the background) it really would have impacted this piece tremendously. But really nice effort on this.
Thanks for the feedback you all.

Satpimp - The interview was the last thing i got when i was shooting and that's when i thought this could be a quick little NATPKG. I also interviewed a parent but i didn't really know how to incorporate it in the piece. I wish i could of found a veteran and player real quick to add more to the story but i had no clue what i was walking into. Thanks for the feed backthough! Feel free to show around... that's what this site is for.

LL - looking back at this piece... i can see where some more lacrosse could of been added. I initially had a lot of lacrosse action in but i thought it started to all look the same. Mainly my fault because i didn't really switch up angles and viewspoint, so all my shots sort of looked the same. I actually got the crowd foreground shot with action in the back too but i didn't have a shot to go after it... if that makes sense.

Question - did the piece makes sense at all though? that was my main struggle when putting it together and the main reason i posted it. I have to get better with piecing things.

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I think your piece had some good structure. It made sense to me when I watched it. If you're looking for ways to improve on this I'd say you picked the right angle...community event. But then you have to go out and get some more people together celebrating the time together and yada yada. Without that, it still has value but now its only coming from the official side of the event and not from people. People usually are the better option and add that "color" to your pieces because they are themselves and hopefully acting natural and being very reactive to the action or issue at hand. I understand why the weather portion was brought up....but could you have done without? Maybe? But I'm not sure what you could have filled with that time considering I don't know what is on the raw tapes you shot. Remember to really stress a particular angle, find video that puts that in context...lacrosse players helping eachother off the ground...father and son watching together...mother holding hands with her child or husband...anything that the eyes can understand as "community" and togetherness.