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Could anyone using Edius share what audio interface they're using for recording reporter track? I have a Shure X2u, it works well in Audacity but the much-complained-about hiss is always present (around -37dBFS) in Edius.

The "volume" slider in the voiceover window doesn't seem to do much other than lower the headroom of the track and distort quicker! The audio level LED on the X2u indicates I have the proper gain (green blinking, no yellow or red (clipping)) on the X2u audio interface.

I wish there was some sort of live compressor plug-in for the voiceover feature to make the track a bit punchier.
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Got it... this seems to apply for any "pro" USB input device with Windows 7 as I tried the Icicle one at a local store and had the same problem.

- Settings>System Settings>Hardware
- add hardware or select the VO device
- Preset Wizard>Input H/W, click Settings next to Stream dropdown menu
- select Audio Setting next to the Audio Device dropdown menu
- Lower the Master Input Mix until it's a single notch or two above zero. This is the equivalent to the Window's own microphone input level panel.



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We had this guy from Edius that came in and trained us on Eduis a few months ago and he knows everything about Edius. Go to the Edius page and look around I can't remember his name but there are plenty if Edius users there and I'm sure they can help you with your audio issues. At my station in the field we still track in the camera. Inside everything we track is in our edit bays and it all goes through Edius and we are still using hard wired mics.