Decrepit properties pack.



I fought with this one. I'm not going to lie I wasn't thrilled I got this assignment (not that I have a say in it). I did my best. I had to make some nats in the beginning, but other than that had a hard time with compelling video.

Couldn't find any squatters or drug users.

Let me hear it.

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Okay...I need to know if you have a wireless lav. Because that interview with the lady was screaming for it. Its cliche but putting her sitting on the porch or her steps really gives that sense of she is watching the neighborhood...cares about it...and we sympathize with that. But if you don't have a wireless lav then that's hard to do.
There were good solid shots throughout...but that intro shot was screaming "staged". And I know its not manipulating any visual bias but I think you coulda got that leaves sound and shot by letting a leaves rustling nats...and it would have been just as effective. The kicking at the camera was too obvious for my blood.
I don't know why but I am really starting to dislike the idea that because you mention someone, you have to show them. I get why reporters want that but unless you use it as a nat intro/transition then I'd rather see the houses and not some awkward two shot of them in his office. Challenge your reporters that if they want to do that then do so with a better idea to get them somewhere...or the police chief doing something, showing something to the reporter that pertains to the story so it flows way better. Anything than just some random two shot because she says "Police Chief so and so". Its weak. I really liked the standup idea...good, creative...but it needed a back end to it. Had you had a backend to that...using the driving part to get us somewhere to say something would have been really stellar. But on the whole it just looks like a great idea but kinda falls short because it doesn't get us anywhere and misses the whole point of driving. I get the play on words but it needed that backend part. I know some assignments are less exciting than others but find a way to make yourself happy with really creative shots or interesting angles...there's good solid shots in this so you definitely can expand off what you're doing now if the story isn't too sexy. Not bad though.


Yeah I agree the opening shot seemed overly staged... not going to lie I was desperate.

I'm glad you liked the stand-up. I can see what you mean by back end. I'm running through all of the stuff that we talked about that day to see if I could have done something else with it.

I also love the idea of using a "in the wild" shot of the chief when talking about him or just covering it up. Our reporters really eat that idea up. The talk about him and see him idea. It's annoying at this point.

Thanks for the critique again man. They really are super helpful.