Cowboy troops & Dead Journalists

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Terry E. Toller

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It is indeed sad that journalists were killed. BUT, it is a WAR zone! Stuff happens.

I think we should be more outraged when journalists are attacked by street punks and even cops in America!


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Here, here Terry!!! I'm quite sure they weren't in the tank saying "get the journalist!!!" That's just stupid...if our military was trying to kill civilians and media, it would have all been over in a day...One big flash and BOOM, Baghdad is a parking lot!!! But we are taking every precaution as to not kill non-combatants as much as possible. On a side note, what the hell are you doing out shopping at 1am while B-52's are dropping ordanance all around you. If it were me, I would skip town until it all ends.


aljazeera is a arm of the terrorist misinformation. You listen to thier coverage and it's very biased barley stopping short of encouraging suicide bombers. I wouldn't be surprised if the kubul office didn't have some kind of taliban activity going on. just like red crecent ambulances being used for military conduct.

I've been spending too much time watching non US news and searching the internet. as local news is not getting as much coverage.

I was very glad to see the statue in front of the hotel go down today. I noticed it was just after the sencom breifing where alot of attention was payed to the media deaths. then the tanks showed up, almost like command said time to park it at the hotel and wait for bagdad bob.

I hope they figure it out over thier. aljazeera has lost credibility with alot of the arab nations today. we need to remember that much of the arab media has heavy religious influance and may not have the luxury of trying to be objective. life is cheap in those regions. and if your not the right tribe your a third class citizen. treated like a non human for the exploit of the ruling religion.

I wonder whats going on in north east iraq we don't seem to be seing many images from thier.

<Media Circus........>

Can you image what would've happened if we had 24 cable news during the revolutionary war:

"Why is it taking so long to overthrow the British?"

"Why didn't you take Yorktown first?"

"General Washington... do you feel that crossing the Potamic was a bad strategic move in hindsite?"

"Is this war really about freedom? Or is it about tea?"

I'm amazed we can get anything done in this country. With all the so called "media experts" second guessing and examining every little detail to death.....

As for journalists killed in a war. Why do they think they are immune to whats happening around them. If I'm in a tank and someone is shooting at me... I will try to take them out. That's how war works.

Its not pretty!
Its not easy!
Its not clear!
It does not subscribe to any of the so called rules....

Its WAR!!!!
You can't use civilized reasoning to understand something that is NOT civilized!!!!!

The "rules of war" were created for diplomats and polititians. Not for the "soldier in a tank" taking fire.....

In WAR... people die. That is the one rule everyone can agree on..........


What kills me about you guys defending the TC (Tank Commander)is that he was defending his crew?

In an artical posted today, they were taking fire from across the river amung other places, the TC said he "wasn't" taking fire from the Hotel. The only reason he fired on the hotel is because he saw a reflection of the sun, probably from binoculars. And he assumed that the person with the binoculars was the one calling in the fire missions.

All and all, according to the Tank Commander, the only reason he fired at the hotel is becuase he saw a reflection. That's bull****.

here, check out the artical,3604,940311,00.html

<hey turtle>

pull your head out of the sand
and put it back in your shell

as said above ....

any behavior in a war zone that gets you
noticed may get you killed ....
that is a fact
sitting across from a tank column with field
glasses or a tv camera and you look just like
the enemy .....
ask any vietnam vet how many rounds where
fired into the jungle to kill an enemy that was
not there ......
in war, people shoot first and debate the results later
you need to wake the f_ _ _ up


The journalist are working in a war zone. There is no magic protecting them. If you expose yourself you run the risk of being killed. It's horrible that the tank fired on the hotel but you weren't in the tank and haven't gone through what the troops have. You can't send someone up to ask if the guy on the balcony is a cameraman or an Iraqi soldier spotting for snipers and artillery.

Think about this, when troops are under fire I could imagine that a camera on a shoulder would look a lot like an someone preparing to shoot a RPG and if it was pointed at the troops, I couldn't fault them for shooting.

If you work in a war zone there are risks and I do feel for the journalists who lost their lives and for their families.


first of all, I am working in a war zone. I am at the Palastine hotel right now. Yes a camera on a shoulder does look like a RPG, but that is not what the TC said he saw. He saw a refection of light. Their are rules of engagement, and seeing a reflection does not constitute an attack.

<hey turtle>

i'm not in a war zone
thank god
my life is to valuable
to work for a multi-national
news corporation that would give my
material away for free and with no
photo credit

do you think any company desk jockeys give a
**** if you catch a bullet?

only if your a bobble head !

hell they care more about the gear

man, stay off the balconies
be invisible
come home alive to your family


that is the plan.

I am actually leaving tomorrow, but not coming back to the states for 6-12 months. Got to make some cash before I come home. It is all about working for a few months, and then taking a year off in the states. That is why I do this

<hey turtle>

sorry if those were your friends that
were killed
keep safe
make some $$$$
come home
meet a great girl
have kids
give up the dangerous stuff
live fat and happily ever after
maybe not


I am only 23 now, so I will probably do this for a while before I settle down, I need to get it out of my system before I give up the dangerous stuff. for the most part it really isn't all that dangerous here. There are shots fired every now and then, but nothing serious. I haven't worn my flak vest or helmet since I have been here, hasn't been a need to.

After I leave here I will be going to Live in Jerusalem for a while. I will be based out of there for the next 6 months. but I will work all over. After the six months I may choose to stay on another 6 months, but I will not stay longer than a year. I will then come back to the states and live off the money I made here. I got rid of my apartment and my car in the states so I would not have any expenses while I am abroad. I should be able to live off of this for a year or two when I get back, and I will freelance whenever it comes up.

E-mail me if you want at

Where do you work? what town?

I am from Reno Nevada.
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