CNN Layoffs - Colbert Report


At one point in time crews would be crisscrossing the country on private jets in the middle of the night to actually cover important stories of the day - then things changed - fluff became the most desired aspect of a TV newscast and the Broadcast executives started to wonder why they were loosing viewers to upstarts like CNN.

But as technology changed, FCC rules said anything goes and budgets evaporated it's no wonder the YouTUBE generation feel they can produce, shoot and edit - while still keeping their job at Burger King or McDonalds. Sad state of affairs for many professional news people - a lot of folks I know in the Miami market that have worked in Network News for decades can really attest to this.

I have been more lucky in that I mostly work in Production - while budgets have shrunk - I can still make a good living - not so if I had stayed in News.