Cincinnati Photog Openings


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I think I griped about this a while ago, but whenever my shop gets any openings, it seems to take forever to get any decent candidates to appear... We just had another guy transfer to the Washington DC station, so that make two openings now. It always sucks when we are short handed, because it screws up schedules and has the desk frantically calling everyone to see who is available. The MMJ movement has really cannibalized the food chain of getting photogs from smaller markets. If anyone is curious about the openings, feel free to PM me for info. Anyone else having similar issues?


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If you're on the Storytellers facebook page you'll see folks who are on a steep and wonderful learning curve and doing it right.

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While job openings can't be posted directly in the group, you can scout for talent from smaller mkts in there. I know KUSA and a few other big stations do it, no reason you can't.

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Wait I'm confused!! Photogs, TV Photogs!! I didn't realize they were any left. According to some on this board the TV Photog were dinosaurs and died 5 even 8 years ago. TV stations still hire photogs?? Wait the VJ is the future you do not need photography skills in TV anymore. Just look at the VJ model it's great!! The job is yours if you can't shoot, edit or write and oh yes you must be drop dead gorgeous that always helps. Also you don't need to know anything about todays world or local current events. Honestly I didn't know TV news still existed nobody watches that anymore when you have twitter and the internet. Good luck in your search for something that doesn't exists.;)


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There was recently a posting I saw on Linked In about a Seattle station advertising for a photojournalist apprentice position where they basically take someone with no experience and train them. Apparently it left a sour taste in the mouths of several photogs in Seattle because the storytellers group posted about it basically saying the original story was false (even though it wasn't). The point is, yes, skilled photogs are a dying breed and will just get more and more difficult to find. I did a write up about this in a Facebook group about a year and a half ago. About two years ago I started getting random phone calls and emails about once every few months after a station would see my resume reel on YouTube and would just contact me to see if I was interested in a job. That's progressed into about 3 per month now. My response has always been the same. First, I don't want to have to start over again at the bottom of the ladder at a new station working nights and weekends BUT I'd be willing to do it for the right amount of money. So far that amount has been more than any station is willing to pay. However, with the trend continuing, we're going to reach a tipping point where stations will either have to pay to get a quality, skilled, and experienced photographer or, B, they realize they have to give up on quality and hire no experience photogs and train them in the bigger markets. Its either one or the other.