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So I'm not quite sure what this "report" was for because it didn't seem like it was for the news. The reason I bring up that point is because of the pace, length, and the voice tracking. Pace was too went a little too long to maintain my interest...and the voice seemed a bit overdone on the delivery. But again without knowing context...the delivery just seemed odd to my ears. It appears you are a one man band type you need to pay extra attention to all you do. Your focus was off in some of the interviews and the editing nats seemed a little rough at times. Use some audio fades to help that. Hold your shots or at least don't use the ones where you are zooming in or out because its distracting. Nice, steady shots are always much more pleasing to look at. You can still be off the shoulder and get steady shots by being wide on your zoom and getting closer to your subjects...or basically using your feet as your zoom. I think if you clean up a lot that I mentioned here...this piece could instantly be a little better but on the whole its a little weak.

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Latin Lens spot on as usual!! I thought about responding a few days ago but was hesitant to do so. Mike W, todays world has changed dramatically for the TV News Photographer. When I started in this business I was a college grad from film,radio,TV school. I thought I was ready to take on the world. My first job at a TV station I was not allowed to touch an ENG Camera, although I was hired as a TV Photog. First I had to learn teleprompter ( those days it was a conveyor belt type system) long before computers. Then editing, basic editing spot insertion. From there studio camera, studio lighting and so and so on. To break it down I had to master almost everything before I could go out and shoot news, a little over a year. Finally I got a shot and learned and learned and learned.

Today college kids graduate and are ready to take on the world but the big difference is that you are attacking the world with limited knowledge. Very limited knowledge. Please don't take these critiques personal. I believe everyone here is willing to help but you have to listen.

First off nothing more annoying than a shot out of focus that wasn't meant to be. Auto focus needs to go!! You have to take the camera off auto and go manual. Same with your microphone!! Manual, Manual, Manual it cannot be stressed enough. Both Audio and Video was poor in this video.

Now what is the story about. What are you trying to convey to the viewers? What is your purpose for being there? Honestly the story made no sense to me.

Editing sets the pace for your stories and this story went on and on and on. You need to know the basics first, jump cuts, axisline, cutaways, flash frames, looking camera right or camera left etc.. Todays world editing on computers are so much easier than the old AB roll editing we used to do. But you still need to know the basics, You still need the knowledge and your knowledge is very limited. This piece was weak but has the potential to be better.

Grab the raw and do it again, write with a purpose " what is this story about" "Why a is this a big deal". Find better sound to tell the story, pick up the pacing with the editing and get your message across you need a beginning, middle and an end. It looks like you must have shot a ton of material. rewrite it and post it again. I would be very curious to see the difference.

Ask questions learn from others and bottom line keep trying!! Good luck


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To add to LL's comments. Use a light. All you needed was a bit of fill...or move around so light hits the interview subjects' faces. Plus it was way too long...a minute to minute and a half would have gotten your content across more effectively. This is news where you only have seconds to catch the audience's attention...not production (although while working faster you also have to maintain high production standards). That said, I had to struggle to hear the interviews, which is a deal killer.

As ATS said, why don't you take the raw material and rework this and see what you can make of it? For example...cut the shot of the tray of chocs at :46. Can't hear what is being is just wallpaper. Trim your editing...when you hear the narrator talk about men liking choc too...the man should do his thumbs up on the word "too" not after...more emphasis. light again. If you're gonna leave the camera on automatic (i.e., "stupid" mode) then don't have a bright light behind the object you are shooting...the camera averages out the scene according to what is bright and dark...and the bright light makes it err to a darker image (interview with little girl).

And here is where the story meanders off in a different direction...from chocolate to a totally new story about a little girl and her fundraising. Focus on one thing at a time.

And don't take this personally. I got much harsher criticism when I was a pup.
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