Chicago Stations Drop LNS


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Dallas has LNS. which was Fox4, NBC5, and CW33 with Fox and NBC sharing a chopper. A year ago when I left, it was on the verge of collapse. Not sure of the status today but LNS was a total waste of resources. Most of the time LNS crews were sent to cover breaking news that stations already had crews at. LNS footage was backup or a second camera. Even overnights was a big pain. If I'd shoot a fire, shooting, or whatever, is have 30 people on a list that I'd have to constantly update and keep informed of what's going on, with half calling me every 5 minutes wanting to know when I was feeding. This BEFORE I could even shoot a frame of video. Total pain in the a$$ and restricted me from doing my job.

LNS is suppose to be used for ribbon cuttings, ground breakings, and those press release press conferences that are :15 VO's. Unfortunately it's rarely used that way.

zac love

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I wonder if it would've worked better for the stations to just pay for a AP videographer to do full time news conferences & ribbons cuttings.

All the station's assignment editors can put their requests in for the day, the AP says what they'll cover & if the stations need something that AP videographer doesn't get, then it is us to them to have one of their shooters get it.

Though selfishly I'm happy to see it fail, as it could mean a few more jobs in Chicago.


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It always seemed to me that LNS was where you dumped your "problem Child" photographers. It was a way to get the weak links out of the newsroom and at least spread the damage they did to you newscast to your competitors as well. Who want's to share top talent?