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The National Press Photographers Association announces the 58th Annual Convention. The convention will be held at the Wyndham Hotel NW, Chicago, IL, June 19-21, 2003. This year's theme "Building Legacies" will focus on the convergence of veteran storytellers, fresh talent, new products and technology to get the job done.

The two and a half day educational event will open eyes and hearts to the journey of the best and the brightest in the profession of visual communication.

"Our program will open with NBC's, Craig White, embedded journalist returning from Iraq and Eugene Richards, last year's Nikon Sabbatical winner, Stepping Through the Ashes. Additionally, there are many other outstanding speakers that will make the convention the event for anyone looking for the best in photojournalism." Mike Sherer, President National Press photographers' Association.

The award winning faculty includes Darrell Barton, Milbert Orlando Brown, Rich Clarkson, Gretel Daugherty, Ron Erdrich, David Handschuh, Mark Hertzberg, John Hyjek, Karen Kring, Jon Lowenstein, David MacTavish, Vince Munyon, Bill Parker, Ray Reiss, Bob Riha, Les Rose, Eugene Richards, Naomi Rosenblum, Greg Smith, Bob Steele, Scott Strazzante, Jim Sulley, Al Tompkins, Dave Wertheimer, Craig White and John H. White. GMPCS, a world leader in the provision of turnkey mobile satellite solutions and Corbis, one of the world’s leading providers of digital images worldwide; and sponsor of the Best Of Photojournalism Contest will offer dynamic workshops. Students and non-photographers are welcomed and encouraged to attend this event.

Come meet some of the industry's most talented photojournalists and experience the vantage point from behind the camera. The National Press Photographers Association will take you to a different place through "Building Legacies".

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