Cell Phone Safety


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Did this as a sweeps piece. shot over a couple days because there was a one hour drive to one location then another one hour drive in the opposite direction another day etc. Cut in about 2 1/2 hours.

A boring story video wise so I tried to make it move with a little music sprinkled in but not too much. I'm not HUGE on music and I rarely do it but I think it worked in this case.

Let me know what you think!



I am left to wonder...such a beautiful, well thought out story...and yet, in the middle of it is a two-shot of the reporter and AG with an empty tripod?!?!?!?

You dropped the ball and I can't think of any excuse for it happening.

It sure didn't add anything to the story except speak to the abilities of the person shooting the video and their mindset.

Not a fan of music in a news story and several of the nat sound breaks were forced in when they really didn't add anything to the story.

Other than that...I liked it because it was so very well shot except for that silly tripod shot.


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Hey man, appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking a look at it! And thanks for the comments, good or bad its always good to get more eyes on a piece. Again thanks!

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Hey...pretty good job. So lots of good here on this one. First off...I was entertained throughout which kept my interest in the piece and that's good. Good flow...there were a couple times you used some machine gun edits (rapid cuts) but I can't fault you too much for that because it kinda sorta fit. I will agree that some of the nats were forced but I don't think it took away from anything. I think that the lighting you used for the standup was a little suspect...could not have been so harsh on the half shadow face...so keep the idea but a little better lighting and it would be a good active standup. I am not big fan of music but sometimes it helps cuz it adds a little sexiness to a piece that NDs like...so again I can't fault you too much cuz it probably wasn't your choice to use and you actually did a good job of picking the right music to help spice it up. I guess I am going to question the whole premise behind the story...if its about people using their cellphones in the open then guess what...I wanna see more people using their cellphones in public out in the open. So you should have had more of that in the piece than what we saw. But overall...good job, nice editing. Solid effort and it showed.

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"Using your cell phone could KILL YOU!"
-Gary Vosot
News Action News

Overall a decent local news piece. The above tripod shot and a little to much of the mirror shot. I would have more issues with the script than shooting and editing, which you can't control. Seemed a few more words than necessary, just to fill a hole, not because they added information or progress to the story.


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Too many NAT pops that seemed like they were there just as "show off edits". Some of the bites are cut too tight. They almost felt cut-off. Sometimes you need to let them breath for a beat. Too many shots of the reporter. I don't wanna see the reporter unless they are integral to that section of the piece(demonstrating something, giving me pertinent information, etc.). Tripod in the shot in the AG's office. That just seemed like a careless "rookie" mistake. Stand-up… Lighting needed work and I know what you were trying to do, but it just didn't work. You tried to get too cute with the quick cuts and angles and I had to watch it several times to realize that that wasn't a grey SOLO cup in front of her. And the "pay off" of the stand-up was tossing the phone in the trash, but you couldn't really see that happening. Her hand is covered by the trash can as she tosses it and the shot from inside looks like some blurry plastic already in there as you hear the nats of it hitting the bottom.

This sounds rough, but the overall meat-and-potatoes of it wasn't that bad.