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Second vote for rock n roller. Robust and maximum bang for the buck. Spend the extra for the best wheels you can and you'll be very happy!


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Myself and many others use this cart for daily ENG use - getting stuff to/from pressers, only parking lot a block away, etc. Get the bike-handle version.

If you're more production/feature shooting, get the cart the others have recommended. It carries a lot more gear with more stability than a luggage-type cart.
I have used most all of them they all have their pros and cons.

Magliner- very durable holds a lot of stuff/ cant fold it and takes up a lot of vehicle space even broken down.

Multi-Cart/Rocking-Roller- Same cart for those who don't know. Good build, extends 3 to 6ft so can hold a lot of production gear. it is my personal cart and I routinely put over 500 lbs of kit on it. That said it is too big to use as a primary cart if you are a local news shooter and only hauling a camera and tripod with perhaps one light.

Kart-A-Bag- I used to use them when I was still shooting local stuff. It is perhaps the best bag cart out there It is solidly built nd durable. It will easily hold a camera plus run-bag and heavy tripod. If you look at the picture there is a second set of wheels on the handle side that fold down and can be used to keep the whole thing at a 45 degree angle for easy pulling. If you a local news or sports guy and don't own one, spend the money now. The only con I ever found was the small payload which only really started to matter when I went into network and EFP work.

The foldable wagon things. (sorry don't know what else to call them) They are quick and easily sourced. I know a couple of guys that use them, I don't. The biggest pro that I see is that the bed is all self contained so if you throw a loose water or cable in and it won't end up dragging on the ground. It also seems to pack up small. The downside that I so see is that like the ez-up tents it is essentially a consumable which wont last for years and years like the other options above.
I've used a Rock N Roller for years. Keep it short for light weight loads and extend it when you need more stuff. I use it in conjunction with a Gripngaff bag. My c stands go in the bag vertically. I almost never take a heavy stand bag on my cart anymore.
Yes I remember Jay showing me his prototype for the grip and gaff I was impressed then and I am now. the hard bottom and cinch strap are a huge help if you are using it for tripod and one or two stands where the whole thing isn't full.