Camera Mic Mount

Sometimes you have to vulture pieces of equipment off those who are leaving. I was excited to get a camera mic mount and had planned on using it for a shotgun mic. Currently I have a shotgun but it is the tiny one that is attached to the camera (Sony XDCam HD). I am waiting on a cable for the detachable shotgun so I have been using the mic mount for my wireless stick mic. This has become so convenient that I would really like to find a double mic mount for my camera. I have looked high and low I'm starting to think these don't exist. Help?

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This is what I have seen as an extra mic holder. Clamp this on your camera, maybe to a light bracket or camera handle etc.

Or use something like this and attach it to the threaded hole on the camera used to attach a light. You can still use a light just put it underneath the light.