Brush Fire....with no fire video


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We don't typically get brush fires around us...not "large" ones anyway. This was on a mountain side. there was no video of flames. I shot most of this within an hour or so. We started at the top of the mountain since the fire was climbing. Then went down below for official sound. Check it out

Latin Lens

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Not bad...good job. I am going to say that the pacing was good...overall nat selection was varied and good sounding but I think there was one nat pop near the begining that sounded a little was the first truck nat...I figured with some much other noise going on you coulda gotten something better to use there. You used it later, like 10 secs later, but it lended to the following reporter track so it worked great there. It wasn't too glaring a "mistake" to have no fire video because the crux of the story seemed to be more about the firefighters doing prep and/or securing areas before the fire gets there...which you did a good job showing and telling us. Brush fires can be stressful to shoot in but it looks like you kept calm and your head on a swivel and got the good stuff.