Beta SP Error 96


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Looking to transfer some old Beta tapes to digital and the old BVW-70 Beta SP deck shows an error 96 message which I've read is a SV-RAM issue which I have no idea what that means. Anyone on here with experience with this error that can tell me what's going on?

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SVP, an error code in the 90's I believe is a circuit board problem. Which is beyond my knowledge of repair. Not sure if that helped. Sorry!


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Thanks. I'm not knowledgable enough to work on circuit boards so I guess the deck is just a big piece of junk for the dumpster now.


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Error 96 is:

"NV-RAM TROUBLE Displayed when a defective NV-RAM is detected on the SY-61 board. Detected by the NV-RAM data's checksum."

The NV RAM is information that is retained when the power is turned off.

I found an 1995 tech bulletin on the SV 61 board.

Here's a link:

It appears to me after reading that a good head cleaning may help, even if it doesn't clear the alarm. As far as advice for using an old machine its probably time to clean the heads every couple passes anyway.

We just put two more SX decks out pasture. The fact there are questions and potential solutions is a testament to how robust a format Beta was.

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There's a BVW-75 on eBay right now for $129. Seller says it's fully functional.

I'm 2 for 3 buying Beta decks on eBay over the years. Bought a 35 that was pristine and it got stolen. Bought another 35 and it was a POS. Then found and bought a 50 and it was in great shape, too.

I should probably take some time and transfer all of my old Beta tapes to a digital format too, while the deck is (probably) still working and before the tapes fall apart.