"Before I Die"


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Maybe is was covered in the anchor intro, but why was the board there? Who put it up? How long has it been there? How many people have signed? I understand it's a pure feature, but I'd be interested in some info to go with it.

Latin Lens

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Nice piece...again from such a talented duo. My only critique here is just with the inability to fully understand how big this thing was and obviously finding to way to incorporate more wides so you can read it easier. The b-roll all started to kinda look the same...it had impact but I needed some better visual context to help see how people had actually written something down, how big it was, yada yada. But great job...great storytell...very nicely done.



You're very lucky to be able to work with a reporter who looks at all the video. They are in rare form these days. It shows in how well you guys match the video and writing. I've done interviews like the one with the girl who is standing not far from the board and the board is in the foreground moving into the background. I felt weird about it at first because the subject was looking off to the side of the frame she was on. After thinking about it I found that it may look better if the subjects eyes are looking in the direction of the perspective, so for that shot she should be looking to the left of the screen, not right. I don't think it's necessarily bad, just something I began thinking about when I have done things like that. Looks like you bumped the blue channel? What was your inspiration to color correct that way? (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a tad color blind)

All in all, you're quite a talented photographer. And lucky to have Mr. Torres as your reporter!