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I really really want to get into the Baltimore market. I fell in love with the city and was wondering if anyone knows what it's like to live and work there. Any info would be great. :D


Heres the DL on Bmore. Its a exciting news market with plenty of spot(crime) and features opportunities. WBAL is #1 at geting spot and has the biggest staff. Not allot of movement their. All solid shooters but not super creative. WJZ is anothe big staf and doesnt miss anything. Here that the staff is very friendly and content again not allot of movement. WMAR is a bit slow kind plays follow-up on a lot of stories but people seem to like it their though many management and staff changes of laly not including photogs. WBFF has a smaller staff of very talented photogs mixed in with some less talented people with only 2 shows they have the time to do a good job and make the best of their resources. Overall bmore is a tight market with litle movement among photogs. I hope this helps. Good luck. Email me with more ?'s I'm happy to help.


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Sadly I must beg to differ with ArtY1 on a couple points. For reference I am employed at WJZ.

Of the 'big three' WJZ's shooting staff is largest with 21 full time shooters. I'm not sure how many WMAR has, but I think it is fewer than that. WBAL has around 16 staffers last time I checked.

Regarding the #1 issue WJZ was a dominant leader for decades, slowly eroded by then recently overtaken in some shows by a wonderfully competative product by WBAL. However, just before the Beltway Sniper story broke WJZ added a 4pm hour of news. That coupled with a change to being very agressive returned WJZ to winning ALL shows earlier this year. Only time will tell if it is a fluke or real.

Furthermore I disagree that WBAL is #1 at getting spot news. I agree that LIVE LOCAL LATEBREAKING helps the illusion, but my shop is quite adept in the pursuit and we do have the advantage of having a seasoned spot news junkie piloting our helicopter, as well as few professionals like myself who can track down an event with zeal.

As you can see I have some pride in my shop. I really like working here. It is NOT the perfect place, and the product is not the end-all. But it is a place where you are allowed to excell in the areas that interest you, and I am compensated well enough to live well and raise a family.

I too will gladly reply to any other questions you may have. I have been working in Baltimore over ten years now.

Good luck!


I really really want to get into the Baltimore market. I fell in love with the city...
That's funny....falling in love with Baltimore? I'm from the B-more area, so I guess I can laugh. While I like Baltimore, you're the first person I've ever heard that said they fell in love with the city. Don't get me wrong it's a great city, and has some great neighborhoods, but like a lot of big cities it also has it's problems, and Baltimore is at or near the tops when it comes to murder, drug abuse, STD's, car thieves...etc. Good luck in your job search, I think easiest way to get into B-More is with WBFF. They pay the lowest, have the fewest shows, but they have (had) some great shooters and I've heard it's a good lauching pad for the market.



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You know, when I came to Baltimore to work for WBFF, the Fox affiliate, I thought this place was the biggest dirthole this side of the misissippi.
I was appalled how a city could let blocks and blocks of rowhomes be boarded up and thrown away. My views eventually changed about Balitmore (somewhat) after the realization of how every city has problems. it just seemee Bmore had more of them! I can say that Federal Hill area and Fells point have grown on me a bit. If you block out the yuck, you can have fun.

Anyways, as for where I'm at, it's a great station to learn. The Chief photog and ND are great to work for. I've learned more here in 7 months than I have in my previous 3. The other guys might be right, the pay might not be the best, but you learn to make it work out. Right now, I believe there are no openings here. We hire all full-timers, and I think the other stations hire freelance and full time. I guess it never hurts to send in a tape and resume though.

Good luck.
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