Baltimore Riots


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Our sister station called our news director and asked for our help. my reporter and i volunteered to go and caught the next flight right after the 6pm newscast. we didn't know what we would get our selves into until we arrived. when we got back thursday our station had us do a recap of our first hand experience with the riots and the stories we covered.


I would say a good overall pkg...I think you covered a wide array of topics pretty thoroughly. Nice use of nats of the police at night...the whole pack seemed like a nice sequence.


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Thank you for replying! It was an intense situation that night! wanted the story to flow because the pkg was 2 mins. I didn't want the story to have a slow pace. had a lot of nat sound to use. I was able shot the heck out of everything while I was there. We were only there for 2 days, 3 nights :)

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Not bad but with a few insightful notes/suggestions then this thing coulda been even better. You did good working without your tripod in the tense moments. And you got good video here and there during the day...but you're missing one key element to help tie all this together in one...and that's transition shots to help you move from location to location or to help get for day to night. Finding a way to go outside inside and using nat pops will get you to the church element....getting a sunset shot or sun dipping behind a building or or even a timelapse type shot will get you daytime to nighttime. Adding those kinds of things will really help a piece like this out. So you as the photog need to get those things and use them effectively in the edit bay. Practice in your GA stories...use natsound to go inside/ouitside or to change location and you'll start to get the hang of it and it'll become second nature to find those elements. Nice work.