audio for local band

i wanna help my friend's band out by shooting some of their live shows at local pubs in the area and i have a question since i haven't shot something like this. i have an azden sgm-1x for my z1u but i was wondering would it matter if i used that or the built-on omni? the places that they play are pretty small so the sound would fill the room easily so it can pick it up with its limited range. or would the boom simply prove to be better no matter what?


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Plugging into the audio board is the way to go for these things, its the only way you're going to hear the vocals clearly...

zac love

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I would also say look into some of the Zoom recorders, my brother has used the Zoom H4 to record a lot of live shows with just the built in mics & it does a great job for a $200 package. plus it has two XLR inputs, so you could even run off the board & another mic too.

then bring in the audio from the Z1 as reference to sync up the picture & sound in your NLE & you could have up to 6 tracks to mix from w/ just those two units.

I would say for music, get mics built for music & not ENG / film. if you're not doing a lot of this, ask around if any of the band members have a mic / mics you can borrow instead of purchasing hundreds of dollars of gear you'll use once.