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Can anyone offer up some websites that show good news stories, clips, etc... to watch that could help some shooters who want to see diff. styles and pick their spirits up.


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I've posted several links here . Just scroll down to the middle of the page and look under "Other TV Station Websites" in the sidebar menu.

Point and click your way to individual sites with streaming video.

Hope this helps!

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KVUE has a videographer section on their website. KVUE Link
It looks like the photogs get to put up their favorite stories, so it's a nice blend of what the Austin market must look like.

Check out Todd Rogenthien's stuff, I was inspired by a story that he put together about digital television once (that story is no longer on the website). I copied his style when we had to do the same story in our market and it looked great. Thanks for the inspiration Todd.
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