Any editor jobs at your station(s)?


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Looking to move out of Sin City.

Have Top-20 market experience and 30+ years in the business. Money not a huge motivator since I know these jobs pay s--t!

Prefer Final Cut Pro stations.

Hit me up at: if you know of any.

Much thanks!


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yea, TV is a GREAT source for jobs, MUCH better than any other site out there !!!
you can also try, and craigslist, they are also very good sources.....


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Thanks for the leads!

WPXI position is only part-time, but thanks anyway! The state by state broadcast sites are also a good lead and I have been hitting up those.



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I'm told we have 1 full-time and 2 part-time openings at WPXI in the news department as well as a full-time editor position in our newly revamped commercial production department.