Another sign of the tv apocalypse


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From ftvlive:
I find this troubling on so many levels.

Fox O&O WTXF is making a move to an app that might be the future of TV news.

A future that doesn't include Reporters or Photographers.

Fox 29 is pushing viewers to the app Fresco News. The app let's users download it and be contacted to the station's Assignment Desk. The desk can send out the location of breaking news and viewers can then in turn, go to the location, shoot video and upload it straight to the station.

The station can then decide if the want to buy the video or not. "Just like that, you've become an important part of our FOX 29 News Team, and you can see how, as you watch your news gathering on our air, and on-line," WTXF says on their website.

And just like that, no need to have news crew go to the scene.


The app is expected to be put in play at all Fox O&O stations soon.

Stay tuned....

Capt. Slo-mo

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I wonder if they have thought through what happens when a citizen stringer plows into a bus full of nuns on the way to the shoot, and some enterprising lawyer hears a great disturbance in The Force?


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Someone is doing this worldwide. They are trying to work with skilled shooters, but
you know how it will go.


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An example, just this morning. Another crowdsourced site is asking for "Wide, medium & close-up shots of iPhones in the store." Are you kidding, just walk into an Apple store, in a mall, and start trying to take video. This is part of the problem with these sites. They won't stand behind a stringer for trespassing, but they'll ask for somebody to actually trespass to get their $45.00 video. Just try telling Paul Blart that "it's OK, I'm shooting news for "#$%^&.com", they assigned/asked me to get this video.

Land Rover

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Not sure about crowdsourcing news but the app has one good think about it...

"What's New in Version 2.2.4
In this update, we're putting our foot down for the good of humanity: Portrait video is disabled in the camera, to encourage the best footage possible. Happy filming!"