Alister Chapman @stormguy visits Austin, TX

The original 3D storm chaser is coming to Austin, Texas for 3 workshops.

Omega Broadcast Group Presents:
CineShops FilmCraft Workshops with Alister Chapman

Featuring the Sony PMW-F5, NEX-FS700 and PMW-200

CineShops FilmCraft Workshop with Alister Chapman
About Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman is a highly regarded, award winning director of photography with over 20 years of experience in broadcast television and commercials. He is a Sony I.C.E (independent Certified Expert) as well as a guest lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, the V.I. Academy, Santa Fe and the F-Stop Academy. He is a great educator and able to very clearly and simply explain sometimes difficult principles. He runs workshops all over the world, as a working cameraman and DoP his expertise comes from the real world of video and film production. This means that not only will you become a better shooter but you will also learn about how crews work on larger productions, how to pitch for commissions and how to make money from your productions.

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Saturday, December 7
From Hobbyist to Pro-Shooter, learn what it takes to turn your hobby into a profession.
You love shooting video for fun and now you are thinking of turning that into a business. What do you need to do, how do you start? Learn the techniques that help turn an amateur into a pro, how to shoot and prepare a show reel and how to pitch for work.
Who is this workshop for: Anyone!

Monday, December 9
Advanced shooting techniques for the modern filmmaker.
Discover how to spice up your video productions using clever but surprisingly easy shooting methods including time-lapse, slow motion, green screen and motion control. In the past these techniques were expensive and difficult. Today they are within almost everyone’s grasp. In this workshop you will learn how make the most of these exciting creative tools. We will spend time in the classroom and studio learning the principles behind these methods. In the evening we will put it all into practice with an evening shoot where we combine time-lapse, motion control and green screen to produce a cleverly composite scene.
Who is this workshop for: Anyone! You don't need to have any previous film making experience to learn a great deal during this workshop. However some experience of basic video shooting or still photography is beneficial. We will provide a basic motion control rig and a selection of cameras, but if you have a DSLR or time-lapse capable camcorder you might want to bring that along.

Tuesday, December 10
Modern Digital Cinematography Techniques.
This workshop is for videographers, digital imaging technicians and cinematographers that are interested in learning more about the latest camera technologies. Learn about shooting using Log gamma, raw and 4K. What are the differences between conventional gammas, log and raw and how does it affect the entire production. Discover how to work with LUT's (look Up Tables) and "Looks". Find out how to correctly use the ACES workflow (Academy Color Encoding System) to gain consistency between different cameras and standardize your workflow. Learn how to safely manage the large amounts of data that can be generated by a modern digital cinema camera and then how to grade the footage using DaVinci Resolve.
Who is this workshop for: Intermediate to advanced content creators!

This is an opportunity not to be missed. A chance to hone existing skills, learn new techniques, improve your knowledge of camera setups and how they effect post production or find out how a modern film crew work together as a team.