Aerial Chase POV Camera Platform


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I was watching a few of this kid's multi-camera FPV powered paraglider videos on Youtube & eventually saw one where he was using an interesting self-leveling aerial camera platform that provides a rear or chase view with a camera that is mounted in a conical sock attached to a lanyard connected to the aircraft, much like the tip of a military tanker's refueling hose. As you'll see in the video below, the footage is rock steady too.

I wonder if this could be used as a chase POV behind a ground vehicle? I don't see why not, wind is wind.

Can anyone else see the news industry using these as yet another aerial platform that can safely travel further than the line of sight without relying on a live FPV video feed, waypoints or battery limitations as with RC helos? The latest miniature gimbals & cellular solutions could easily be mounted on this platform and the best part is that they are completely unregulated so far with the exception of loosely following the FAA's FAR 103 rules for ultralights which are rarely enforced probably because of low incident rates. So, if you've got about $10K available, you can fly practically anywhere on a platform that fits in an SUV.

All of his videos are worth checking out with many low & high level flight adventures with each being narrated by him in real time with all kinds of flight tips & more.


Here is a flight video with extensive use of the chase camera platform >> DIRECT VIDEO LINK

And this is his video that first caught my attention >> DIRECT VIDEO LINK