Adaptive Sports

Nice story. This is a story that tries to engage a viewer’s emotional, empathic response. I learned a long time ago in public speaking the use of hand and face gestures conveys a more direct and personal touch with the viewer. On this story, I find the stick mic distracting. The intersection seems to be the focal point of the standup. A slight walk (just a few steps) dramatically increases how the package feels. I know the ND and above want mic flag, mic flag and more mic flag. But there is already a station bug on the screen. Low sun angle and maybe holding reflector with one hand. Bummer if you did not have an intern to hold the reflector to get the slight walking shot. I will take it you did not have the ability to set up a light. Good audio match between standup and VO. Too often I hear a reporter sounding as if they are four feet from the microphone while recording a VO. Just offering my 2 cents of opinion. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.